3D Prototyping & Product Design

3D Prototyping & Product Design


In 2013 Brian Anderson quit his long-time sponsor Girl Skateboards to start his own board brand. Fully integrated 3D design models with high-definition laser surveys of fabrications and high-definition 3dinnovations.com.sg panoramic survey photographs enables engineers to create right-first time design and to ensure compatibility between new design and existing construction.

Using Cimatron software for accelerated mold design, direct metal printing on the ProX® DMP 320 and inspection with Geomagic® Control , Bastech reduced design time by 70%, cut costs by 16% and shrank cycle time by 14% to set a new standard in productivity.

To help alleviate the compression of Weimer’s nerves and spinal cord, Dr. George Frey designed his surgical approach with digitization and manufacturing services provided by 3D Systems Healthcare and his patented FIREFLY® Technology for pedicle screw placement.

After seven decades of relying on external suppliers, Hyde Park Partners decided to take product development applications into its own hands with in-house 3D printing on the ProJet® MJP 2500 Now able to implement new ideas and designs faster without the cost and delay of contracted work, Hyde Park is more nimble and effective in its day-to-day operations.

Whether it was making bootleg Phillies Blunt T-Shirts in industrial arts” class or printing shitty stickers for some mythological one word name company that never happened, we were trying to do shit and 3d was part of the reason we even gave it a shot.