Book cover design – How to do it wrong

Book cover design – How to do it wrong

In order to do create a proper book cover design, have a look at the bad design examples. This will tell you what you need to do and what to avoid.

Stock-imagery can destroy the visual credibility of a book completely. You need to be careful with the fonts and the stock images. Basically, you need to avoid overdoing anything here!

Get the concept right

Your book cover design needs to send across a clear message to the rear. Know what this message is before trying to create a mockup for the cover design. Know what the books propose is. Is there a message for the reader? Does it provide inspiration or aspiration? Does the book talk about achievement or knowledge or power? Is the book a romance or suspense and crime?

You need to dive deep down into the emotions that the book is sending across. This way you can generate lots of ideas to determine the precise imagery that fits. Remember to keep it simple, most bestselling books have had lots of success with clean minimal designs. The underlying emotions will help decide the color palette, typography, as well as the layout. Basically you need to capture all that the book is about through the front cover design.

An important tip

Your book cover has to generate excitement! There is nothing to explain here. Consider it as a marketing tool. Your book cover design has to make people stop in their tracks, look at the book again and then pick it up. You need the book cover to promote your book its essential.

Make it easy

You are not testing the literary skills of your audience here. No matter how intellectually stimulating your book is, make its title easy to read.

Tip: Choose a font for your cover that is easy to read from a distance.

Keep technology in mind

Today people are buying books mainly from the comfort of their own home off digital devices. So look at your thumbnail image of your book cover and review it. See if it is compelling enough at a small size to catch your attention. The cover has to read clearly no matter where it is being viewed or seen. Also anticipate what your book cover will look like in grayscale as some kindle models display in black and white. Make sure to avoid cheesy fonts such as Comic Sans or Papyrus in your cover designs. A cover generally doesn’t need more than 2 fonts.

Just keep all this in mind and you will never go wrong with your book cover design.

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