How to use Guest Mode in Smartphones?

It is a very difficult situation for most of us when somebody asks to give our phones to them. It creates a fear in our mind that they might check the data on our phone that we don’t want to share with others. But it is not possible for us to ignore the request if it is received from someone so close to us. Because it may even result in spoiling the relationship. So, what is the solution for this issue? It is the Guest Mode feature that comes with the latest smartphones that can be of great use for the users at this time. Android smartphones starting from OS Marshmallow can support this feature. If you are using a smartphone having OS older than this, you can try buying some Best Smartphones Under 10000 INR.

How to use Guest Mode in Smartphones?

To activate this amazing feature in your phone, pull down the notification bar on your Android device. There you can see an icon displaying your avatar. Click on this icon twice and it will give you an option to add the Guest. Now click on this Guest icon and this will enable the Guest mode in your smartphone. Please note that switching from the owner mode to guest mode will take a little time varying from 30 seconds to few minutes depending on the phone. So, make sure that the mode is switched completely before handing over the phone to others.

So, what happens when the guest mode is enabled? The Guest Mode will provide only limited access to the smartphone. Users can easily configure the Guest Mode in which they can select which apps and features they can display in the Guest mode. This feature also eliminates the requirement to set a password for each application separately. There are certain third-party apps that can also perform this task. But being an Android smartphone user with a minimum Lollipop OS you can easily do it with the help of the Guest mode.

Kodi on Roku Special Edition

Roku is an extremely cost effective video streaming option that can be easily connected to your TV screen. You can enjoy high-quality content like a movie, videos, tv shows, music etc.  You can easily get the Roku kodi on your smart phone and laptop. Then using that you can enjoy watching movies, videos and even podcast on your TV.  It just requires a high-speed internet. You can make use of the internet to get connected to the Roku it can be either Wifi or wired network connection. The Roku provides the best quality support and provides high-quality streaming to all its users.

There is no option for installing Kodi on Roku in an official way but still, you can get the Kodi content coming on Roku device. You can quickly get access to all the streamed digital media content using Kodi on Roku. You can get the Kodi to provide stream content from Youtube or even Netflix or any other website of your choice around the globe.  Kodi works exceptionally well on many platforms like Linux, Windows, IOS, Android but the sad part is Roku doesn’t support all these operating systems. Kodi provides vibrant features to add to its popularity among many users.

If we talk as per the technical terms we cannot install the Kodi on Roku since both are not compatible with each other and it is must to do mirror screening. You can get the desired videos and movies on HDTV also. In addition to you, you can also play on Roku up slide shows, it allows you to play music and video as per your choice. You can play the desired video if it is saved on your device.

Before proceeding with the installation of the Kodi on Roku ensure below criteria are met.

It is important for the Roku and Android phone to get connected to them using same internet network.

You must make use of Android smartphone or Windows operating teams. Screen mirroring is not compatible with the iOS operating system.

Method to get Roku using Android smartphone.

Below are some quick to follow steps, with the help of if, you can easily install the Kodi run on Roku.

Step 1: The initial step is to go to the setting option and then navigate to the display.

Step 2: You will be able to see the cast option, it will help you to mirror your Android device on the TV using Roku.

Step 3: Now, enable the screen mirroring. This can be done through navigating the Settings of Roku.

Step 4: Once you have done all the steps, your Android smartphone will display the name of Roku and all you need is to choose it on your smartphone.

With the help of Kodi on Roku special edition, you can stream all your favorite movies, TV shows, music, videos, a podcast from different websites as well as from local drive. Check out the article on

Apar from this, you can also get the Kodi on Roku via Windows laptop, in that case also mirror screening is a must.