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Credit 21


When you lend from legal money lenders, first you have to find from the Singapore’s Registry of Moneylenders for an available list of legal and licensed administrators. Nowadays, it’s not at all difficult to avail a money lending firm in Singapore as all the significant details are proffered on the Internet and mostly on the personal sites of those authorities and hence, people don’t have to bother Legal Money Lender much and can easily get connected with them.

We offer a wide range of Personal Loans for foreigners and Singapore nationals including specialist services such as Renovation Loans Provided you have a source of income, Money Express is able to assist you with loans of up to 2-4 times your monthly salary.

But say you need a large amount of money for repairs on your automobile, or you have a slight shortfall in your vacation savings, or the renovation costs in your house are not large enough to be covered under the renovations package but they exceed your savings, there has to be a product you can rely on then.

We began with the concept of unconditional guarantee, worked backward and have put forward a 7 days service guarantee that is first to be introduced by a moneylender in Singapore providing responsible loan solutions that would positively benefit society at large.

Singapore moneylender are the ones people that somewhat assist us by offering us money during the period of urgent situation or whenever we really feel the demand for it. So, quite simply, they are often considered to be true helpers even though they actually do it based on their business rules.