Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


With more than 90% of consumers researching online before ever contacting a business, positive public business reviews are very important for every small business. Ask that customer to leave your business a review on your business’s Facebook page or email you a testimonial you can add on your website, instead. Start by providing your customers with a product and purchasing learn more about small companies experience that’s worth talking about (in a good way).

It is the merchant’s responsibility to market the business and generate traffic to the website. Dr. Oh received his PhD degree (2007) from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Bloomington. Every month, over 300,000 people looking to buy software read the 37,000+ user reviews on this website so they can make better purchasing decisions.

Squarespace has a lot of good basic ecommerce tools that will enable you to build a pretty good, basic online store to sell products. Once you decide to upgrade, you can connect your own custom domain name to your online store. While coverage has taken a light-hearted approach to this, online reviews can cause irreparable damage with or without a bright media spotlight.

To capitalize on this, local businesses must ensure that they have a solid online presence — no matter what device a consumer is using. They may take their business elsewhere if your review requests or incentive programs make them uncomfortable or call your ethics into question.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a new online shop, or bringing an offline store online to grow your business, the last thing you want to do is troubleshoot technology. I suspect this feature will require some sort of custom built platform, as it’s not very common to run online stores where your prospective customers can upload custom product designs / configurations.