Interesting things to do in an interesting city: Asilah

Interesting things to do in an interesting city: Asilah

Whenever you want to do the Morocco Tours and travel to Asilah, there are many options to take into account. One of the main things that many people want to do here is visiting the beach, but there is another option for people who do not enjoy the beach. I know going to the amazing beach could be a dream for you, but it is sometimes busy and thanks to this city we can enjoy of another thing similar to the beach which is the Paradise beach. This place does not have many rocks, but you can still enjoy the sand and the relax atmosphere it seems even better than going to the beach. So, if you visit this lace outside summer this place will be the closest experience to the heaven. You can enjoy having a drink or riding a camel if you want a better experience.

Things to Eat in Morocco Tours

If you want to eat, there are many options in Asilah. There is a special restaurant called Restaurant Casa Ocean Pepe. Here you can enjoy amazing food and an amazing terrace in which you can eat and enjoy the beautiful views. I know that many restaurants have terrace and it does not seem too special, but there is something special about this place: it is extremely elegant and you will enjoy fresh seafood and delicious wine. It has a Spanish style, so you will basically have the best of both worlds. So, if you want to spend money in an amazing restaurant, you should visit this place: it is one of the best restaurants in Asilah.

Architecture in Asilah

If you enjoy looking at the best architecture in Asilah, you can visit specific places. If you want to enjoy a nice place, you can visit and look the Church of San Bartolome. Here, you will enjoy of a beautiful place with a Spanish sense. This is a private place and there are nuns living here and the best part of everything is that if you visit the place you will find the nuns and they will be happy to show you the place, isn’t that great? Also, this is a reminder of a catholic church here in a Muslim country.

When you organize a Morocco Trip I am sure you want to visit the ironical places of a city. ElHamra tower is an important place you should visit if you go to Asilah thanks to its historical importance. This is a charming and beautiful place in Asilah you should visit because it is really important to history. It many see simple, but there is something that attracts tourists and they cannot come here without taking pictures. So it is really common to see pictures of this place in many social networks.

There are many good restaurants you can visit when you come to Asilah. Some of themare really formal and some of them are not at all. There is a place called Port XIV that gives you another dining experience. This is a contemporary place, you can enjoy the fresh air and the seafood, it has a blue and white decoration that makes you understand that you are in the ocean, and you can also enjoying the terrace. Here you will be able to enjoy the different food around the world and you will see how they prepare everything. It is just a delicious experience and something you cannot loose.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should visit Asilah and there are many reasons why you should do the Morocco Tours here.

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