Personal Trainer Job Vacancies Stoke On Trent

Personal Trainer Job Vacancies Stoke On Trent


In the Potteries, you can find personal trainers in Stoke on Trent and across Staffordshire to help you get fit and stay fit. Our ethos of fitness as a lifestyle complemented by our dedicated service, which recognises that everyone is an individual who requires a bespoke training programme to achieve their goals, allows our clients to achieve results via enjoyable, realistic and achievable solutions.

We all know that fitness training should be part personal training stoke of your life, but we know how hard it can be to get into the kind of shape that you want to be in, but there are lots of highly qualified experts in the Stoke and North Staffs Area that can help you to reach your goals faster than you ever imagined.

Our aim as always is to give you the qualifications, confidence and motivation to succeed in the rapidly expanding world of health and fitness training. Using only the best training techniques with the most effective nutrition plan, and with the motivation from Simon, you can unleash your star potential.

As a semi-professional football player I have a strong sporting background and have used this experience and drive to transition into personal training. I had managed to lose weight but needed to tone up. Since training with Joe I have seen great results. With our training courses vouchers for Stoke on Trent residents starting a new hobby needn’t cost the earth.

Anywhere: We are mobile fitness trainers, so we can train you in your home, your office, a park and we can transform any area into your training ground. Active Gym personal training is delivered by Your PT a nationally renowned company who only supply staff which are Level 3 or 4 qualified.