‘The Advice I’d Give To My Teenage Self’

‘The Advice I’d Give To My Teenage Self’

Check out our blog for what other teens are asking about or ask TEEN LINE a question yourself if you’re a teen in need of help. It must be incredibly overwhelming to have to deal with your parents constant fighting, and school on top of being pre- diabetic. When my cafemom.com eight kids were all under the age of 10, people used to warn me that having that many kids so close in age meant my teenage experience was going to bring me to my knees.

Having said all of that, it’s easy to see why many extroverted parents have no clue how to deal with an introverted teenager. If I knew as a teenager even a fraction of what I know now about money, I’d probably be retired. As a teenage girl who had terrible self esteem , I can tell you that I’ve got tons of advice I would have given my former self, and while I may not be an expert on so many things, I am on a few!

When you need help on responding to what your boyfriend has been talking to you about, talking to a trusted someone can help you earn valuable feedback and advice as well as emotional support. In contrast, teenagers who use problem solving to address disputes with their parents present a vastly different picture.

My parents were just angry at me. I was self harming within a year and things went downhill from there. I hope my life will never get so shit that i have to yearn for my teenage years. I know, this sounds a little rude and harsh, but to your teenager, your advice may not matter any longer.

Or maybe think of something that you used to not like, but now like about being a teenager. The last journal I wrote was about watching your parents play different roles through out your life and how interesting it is, once you detach mother” and father” and look at them from other places like friend”, colleague”, etc.